Key Skills Your Next E-Commerce Marketing Expert Should Have. 10 Questions You Need To Ask Them At The Interview

E-commerce helps people shop worldwide, making it easy to grow. Apart from serving purposes of easy purchase of goods and services, the e-commerce market can also be regarded as a job market. For instance, approximately 60 million users were expected in 2022 in the UK. Besides, almost 900,000 businesses use online platforms as their primary market sales outlets. Apparently, the demand for e-commerce specialists is growing day by day. So, if you are interested in this industry, you can find vacancies by clicking right from the comfort of your home.

E-commerce Marketing ─ What You Need To Know

E-commerce marketing is a significant sector in e-commerce. It helps drive awareness to the businesses that sell their goods and services electronically. It is the core of alerting consumers to the business. As such, it requires careful evaluation.

Furthermore, recruiters and organizations go to great lengths to get the best marketing officials for the business. This is why we’ve teamed up with marketing experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss some of the questions to ask an e-commerce marketer in an interview to ascertain their skills.

Key Questions To Ask Your ECommerce Marketing Expert During Interview To Test Their Skills

An e-commerce marketing expert must have some skills. These skills are what will enable him to do his job efficiently. It is common to see many applicants put the necessary skills on their CVs when applying. However, that doesn’t mean they have the skills or can put them to use. While there is no surefire way of knowing if an applicant possesses the skills they claim to have, asking some application questions can help the recruiter glean some facts about the skills the recruit claim to have.

1.      What Will You Consider As A Core Feature Of E-commerce

While different companies use different core features, asking this question will allow you to see if the recruit did any research on your company. This can help you learn their level of dedication and research knowledge.

2.     What Are The Major Differences Between Traditional Marketing and E-commerce Marketing?

E-commerce differs from traditional marketing, and your employee needs to know this to use the suitable method. Asking your recruit this question will give you an insight into their knowledge about marketing and if they can thoroughly differentiate them.

3.     Can You List And Explain Some E-commerce Models?

Knowing the e-commerce models will let you know which to employ for your company ad which one your company operates. Business models include B2C, B2B, 2B, G2C, etc.

4.     What Are The Core Tracking Tools For E-commerce Models?

Not only should you know the e-commerce models, but you also need to know how to track them to know their success. E-commerce tracking tools include Google Analytics, Woopra, Justuno, etc.

5.     What Are The Marketing Strategies You Can Employ To Promote The Products? Also, Which Channels Will You Use?

Knowledge of marketing strategies is essential for an e-commerce marketer. Knowing each approach, how it works, ad who you can reach with it will enable you to get good results from your marketing without wasting resources.

6.     How Do You Work With Others To Achieve The Common Goal?

Teamwork is a necessary skill for an e-commerce marketer. Not only will they work with their team, but they will also work with other departments and people from outside the company. Therefore, asking this question is necessary as it can tell you if your application is a team person or a lone wolf.

7.     How Do You Determine If A Campaign Has Failed? And How Do You Handle Failed Campaigns?

Success is not the only way to measure a person; failure also is. The ability to get back up after a loss and draw lessons from it is necessary for an e-commerce marketer. This is because it is unlikely that he will win every time. However, how he manages his failure will tell how big his subsequent success will be.

8.    Can You Mention Any E-commerce Company Or Marketing Specialist That Inspire You? Why?

People tend to copy their role models. Therefore, knowing a person’s role model can give an insight into their mindset and belief about the work. When answering this question, the applicant will provide the name of their models and why they like them, making you deduce their personal convictions.

9.     How Do You Hope To Build Repeat Purchase And Customer Retention?

Customer relations are a great necessity for the survival of any business. While an e-commerce marketing expert may not necessarily have to relate with clients, they need customer relations skills to be able to share some tips with the customer relations department. Therefore, the answer to this question will give the recruiter an idea about the interviewee’s customer relations skills.

10.What Collaboration Will You Make To Sell A Product, And How Will You Know Such Collaboration Is Necessary?

Collaboration can be necessary sometimes. However, not all collaborations are good. Therefore, you need to check your prospective employee’s knowledge of cooperation, ability to remain neutral, and ability to get a good partnership with the company.


E-commerce is fast-growing, and with marketing being the backbone of the industry, more attention is paid to e-commerce marketing experts. However, this may be a headache for recruiters as they cannot confirm a recruit’s skills. This article has provided a starting place for recruiters by discussing ten questions that can give you an excellent opinion about your interviewee.

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